We pride ourselves in having the expertise to produce both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis tailored to our client’s specifications.  Our highly qualified staff and international affiliates have been producing research and reports to various clients and providing them with evidence they need to make better–informed and more confident decisions.  Our ability to access remote areas has propelled our organisation to be at the forefront for providing information that is otherwise hard to reach in which local perceptions and realities are explored and revealed.

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Media Hub

As an organisation we realised that the Anglophonic world was suffering from a poverty of information from the region and was in fact reliant on the slick and efficient (English language) ISIS propaganda machine to feed media and academic narratives.

In turn, we saw the very same propagandist narratives espoused by ISIS being reproduced and indeed dominate English language media. This contributed to the portrayal of ISIS as a successful and eternal brand.  We sought out to fill the vast vacuum by establishing a media hub that would be engaged in monitoring and disseminating footage from the Middle East that would document humanitarian crises and the barbaric practices of ISIS.  The media hub also exists as a platform to promote authentic voices from the region and the UK that otherwise would not have the capacity to reach their audience.

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Capacity Building

Using our vast international social, political and religious networks we are able to consistently create and implement innovative frameworks and projects that counter extremism through empowering local communities; women; minorities; youth; and faith leaders.

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