About Us

Integrity UK is an organisation committed to Countering Extremism through innovative approaches to promoting integration, cohesion and social reconciliation within the MENA region and the UK.  We take multilateral approach to achieve our aims which include:

1. Capacity building programmes that promote democracy; empower women and local communities; and strengthen grassroots movements.

2. A media hub that produces counter-extremist narratives; promotes legitimate voices from the Islamic and Arab World; and disseminates positive messaging from the MENA region.

3. Cutting edge research analysis by our expert staff who produce bespoke security reports; daily MENA analysis; and current CVE research

Integrity is a unit within the International Centre for Integration & Cohesion – a UK based registered charity  (no. 1126489).


Integrity in PICTURES


Our Values

Since the very first decision, we were clear on how we wanted to be seen. We decided to call our organisation Integrity as it embodies all the qualities that we are striving to disseminate with our work,

Integrity for us is a way of living, which embraces moral and ethical principles. It is the golden thread that runs throughout our values and mission.

Our values align directly with our mission and permeate every activity of our organisation.


We undertake Transparency to be a core value in our professional dealings, providing an effective and efficient service. Which means ensuring the highest standard of Accuracy, Fairness and Honesty in our research as well as in our interactions with stakeholders.


We commit to be Objective in our analysis, thinking and decision making. The positions we take will be the outcome of a rigorous evidence-based approach, which permits to avoid emotionalism and incompleteness, and consequently they will reflect our independence.


We are dedicated to Collaboration. Our purpose as an organisation is to achieve a positive impact that could be shared between all the segments of the society. So we engage in partnership with others and we ensure collaboration and consultation with all our stakeholders.


We are proud to be Accountable, accepting responsibility for our actions and results. We take ownership at both an individual and collective level, assuring consistency throughout our work.


We believe that as a company we have moral obligations. Ethics engender trust, which is fundamental in pursuing the public interest. Therefore, we respect and encourage the respect of fundamental human rights.