Our independent centre of media monitoring captures, translate and disseminate news emanating from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) with an aim to counter extremist narratives; promote legitimate voices from the region; and, provide a platform for positive messaging.
The Media Hub holds the capacity to simultaneously record over 100 different channels at any one moment equipping our analysts with the tools to accurately monitor key events, and extract data relevant to up to date developments within the MENA region.



Countering Extremist Narrative

Al-Shahid is a unique project that aggregates breaking news and videos from Arab news sources that focus on countering jihadist narratives from the MENA region. The videos are captured, translated and disseminated onto the website and social media, providing strong counter-messaging to the dominant jihadist narratives in online spaces.

Khaled Al Mulla

Promote legitimate voices

Part of our objectives is to develop a platform for authentic regional voices in a bid to encourage and support those who would otherwise lack the capacity and resources to stand against hatred and extremist rhetoric. Integrity UK has thus far helped promote many local and regional voices by utilising our resources and social media platforms to deliver and amplify the authentic voices of Muslims across the world.


Positive Messaging: MENA

Our media strategy also emphasises the importance of PVE through positive messaging.  We endeavour to source and bring to the attention positive stories that would otherwise be drowned out by the current status quo.  Such stories include but are not limited to how local population are rebuilding their neighbourhoods, programmes that empower women and various humanitarian initiatives form the region.