Post-conflict and fragile countries will face unstable political, economic and social problems. They often lack the institutional capacity and numbers of skilled people required to begin the rebuild process of their systems and institutions. This coupled with the lack of tools needed to effectively engage with the local population.
Integrity UK has developed a capacity development services support by providing highly-skilled individuals that possess the required expert knowledge and expertise to rebuild the country’s systems, institutions and governance structures. We have identified and collaborated with local organisations to support them and ensure effective use of their resources in order to best achieve their aims and objectives.


British Imams Visit Iraq

This collaboration between Integrity UK and the Faiths Forum for London equipped British Imams with the necessary experiences and knowledge on ISIS to disseminate to congregations within their respective communities. Empowering faith leaders to prevent violent extremism organically.

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British Muslim Student Leadership Network

The programme aimed to develop and build a cohort of British Muslim students to become peer ambassadors. The initiative prepares future leaders with the skills and knowledge, to challenge extremism and hate speech and to proactively strengthen resilience.

Promoting democracy

Promoting Democracy